Does Your Blog Play Any Role in the Organic Ranking of Your Website?

Setting up a blog might be an easy task but the process of maintaining and updating it every now and then forces an entrepreneur to not integrate it in their website. It would not be wrong to say that there are ‘n’ numbers of blogs on the web which are currently not updated on regular basis. The prime reasons behind this are:
– A) no time to invest and
– B) ambiguity about the effectiveness of blog in improving the ranking of the website.

In this blog-post, we’re going to explain the role of a blog in boosting your SERP rankings organically and how you can use it optimally to your advantage.

Attracting Traffic and Leads

With the right use of keywords and riding on the trending topic, you can attract traffic to your website when people come to the web looking for information. The more frequently you update your blog, the more traffic your will get and increase the chances of conversion. A HubSpot report supports the aforementioned statement. Another report shows that the more pages your website has, which seems only possible if blogs are added often, you can get 6x more leads.

Furthermore, there are different ways in which you can use a blog to drive traffic. With a blog, you will also get a content bucket to share on your social media handles and invite visitors from there. Another way is to adapt the blog into a newsletter.

Generating Inbound Links

Inbound links to a website are considered as an important element of an SEO strategy. With blogging, you can easily generate such links. By adding a new piece of content which can be resourceful for media and bloggers, you begin the process of accumulating inbound links. They will hyperlink the piece of information that they have added in their write-up to your blog which will lead people to your site for the deeper understanding of the subject.

Ranking for long-tail keywords

Featuring in SERPs for long-tail keywords is an uphill task if you don’t have a blog. By blogging regularly, you will have the option of creating content around topics relevant to long-tail keywords and pushing yourself up the ladder of search-engine rankings.

Inviting Google’s Bots

Google loves to index websites that upload fresh content often and rewards them with better visibility. Riding on trending topics would also give your website a chance to trend. Besides, by writing a blog every now and then, you also get an opportunity to add internal links and carve pathways for search engine crawlers, thereby, effectively spreading Page Rank throughout your website.

As long as we’re talking about advantages of blogging, it also helps in Building Awareness

With the help of a blog you can not only improve your brand’s search visibility but can also spread brand awareness and establish an image of a problem-solver and innovator in your niche. Optimize it with minimal promotion and maximum information. Even if you do it once in a month and the content piece is a high-quality one, it can do wonders for your business. Think of blogging as a way of humanizing your brand and a touchpoint for people to interact with it and build trust along the way.

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Piece of Advice from our experts

Avoid using a free blogging platform as you may have to compromise with many of the benefits. Host it independently on your business site.

While you may or may not always have budgets to back your campaigns, you always have blog to promote and garner organic attention. Whether small or large, all your campaigns will grab the eyeballs that you wish for if you have a blog.

Happy Blogging!

Things That You Should Keep in Mind for A Responsive Web Design

We all are aware of the importance of a responsive or a mobile friendly website. But while designing a responsive website the designer has to understand that it is not about just dumping the desktop website on the mobile but actually creating a website for the mobile. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for responsive web design.


It is important that creative designing services understand the fact that the responsive web design should provide a satisfactory experience to the user on different devices. It is important for the designer to provide in the responsive web design the content that is relevant to the user.

Remember no matter what you cannot sacrifice images in a responsive website. You have to optimize the image because it has been found that images are very much important for people accessing the websites through their mobile phones.

It is important to make optimum use of all the features of the mobile phone while make a responsive website. The website should have a call now button tapping on which will help the user make a phone call to the company’s number etc.

Try and be as creative as possible.


Make sure that you do not increase the file size because that will make your mobile website slow.

You just cannot ignore integrating your website in such a way that it responds to touch on the touch screen of the mobile phone instantly.

Just do not make the mistake of compromising on the content as the viewer wants to read the same thing that he saw on the desktop.

These tips will surely help you create a good responsive web design which the users will appreciate.

Tips on How to Optimize Pinterest Pins for SEO

Pinterest is a very good but yet highly underrated visual search engine platform. But it has tremendous power to drive lots of traffic to your website. But it is important that you give due importance to SEO optimization for Pinterest. Here are a few tips which will help you do it effectively.

1. Perfect profile and board name:

Remember to give due importance to Pinterest profile optimization by selecting a username which will help create an impact. Since the URL will be used as your keyword you need to be perfect in the username selection. You have to be prudent in selecting the boards title as it will help in improving the ranking of your pins.

2. Importance of being descriptive:

Ensure that you optimize your pins by being descriptive. You must include all the details that will describe the image in the best possible way which will help the users find the image easily. One must try to avoid hash tags and be as descriptive as possible.

3. Due importance to keywords:

You have to use the right keywords for which you have to make sure that you do proper research and also check how the pins, the boards and the pinners are organised. Analyse the keywords of Pinterest by using Google.

4. Rich pins and mobile friendliness:

Since Pinterest is used widely from mobiles one has to check out the mobile friendliness. Moreover, one must also make use of rich pins which give more description about a particular pin as it is found that rich pins help in getting more traffic. Pin vertical images as they can be found easily and are good for mobile devices.

5. Consistency and quality is a must:

One has to be consistent and pin relevant content every week. Also, put in time on content curation where you re-pin details pinned by others which may be relevant to your target audience. Remember to pin quality and relevant content as it will help you get better rankings. Also, make sure that your website is verified so that you get better rankings and access to advanced Pinterest analytics.

These useful tips will surely help in improving and optimizing Pinterest pins for SEO.

How to Use Social Media at Every Stage of the Sales Funnel

The sales funnel is a marketing tool which can be used to boost sales. It is important to try and incorporate this in social media to have a positive impact. Here are a few ways of how you can do it which will help increase sales through social media channels.

1. Increased customer interaction:

The more interaction with customers better will be the results. Increase the interaction by spreading awareness about your brand by providing content that is relevant and engaging. Post surveys and get customer feedback. Make use of tools which are a combination of social media management and monitoring and get an idea of what the customer feels and give them feedback accordingly. Have webinars and competitions on social media.

2. Make use of the familiarity and back it up with email:

Once the customer is aware of your brand you have definitely increased the chances of your product being purchased. Next along with social media increase your interaction with the customer through emails which will help in pushing those who are still only aware of your brand towards brand familiarity.

3. Reputation:

Now the customer is familiar with your brand. Now to make sure that the customers who buy your product could assure themselves that you have the edge with brand reputation. For building reputation uses social media to focus on positive reviews and also make sure that the product videos etc are uploaded on social media which will also help in building brand reputation.

4. The purchase phase:

This is an important phase where the customer is buying your product. You have to make sure that you give proper customer support and reach out to the customers so that they remain loyal to your brand. Social media platforms like FB and Twitter do allow direct purchases and hence play a vital role. Make use of loyalty program, referral programs and ensure good customer support.

In this way, you can use social media at every stage of the sales funnel and help increase brand awareness and sales.

How does visual content build brand signals?

Planning business strategies in content marketing around SEO is widespread. Another form of search marketing which is today brushing shoulders with SEO is brand signals. The online mention and discussion of the brand on the internet are brand signals. Brand signals grow when it is discussed more often on the web, it has a presence on various social platforms and your brand is searched to a large extent on the search engines. Brand signals are here to stay in search marketing. One of the best ways to build brand signals is through visual content. Let us see how visual content helps in this.

  1. Easy to identify:

Google Logo

Logos of companies are remembered well as visual content has a memorable impact on our brains. Therefore, they are easy to identify and thus help in the brand establishment. People are more likely to remember an image rather than something that is textual only.

  1. Helps save resources:

An image depicting Visual Editor tool

If you need to make changes to the visual content you can just make a few changes quickly and create a new and appealing image without investing a large amount of resources like money and time.

  1. More preference to visual content:

An image to tell the importance of visual content in %

These days’ people give more preference to visual content rather than simply reading the data. Reading visual contents like info-graphics, video, images, GIFs are much easier to understand and also, time-saving. So while creating content and marketing it aimed for branding purpose, it is better to opt for visual content creation and marketing. Infographic designing is one of them.

  1. The Web is for the user and not just web crawlers:

Visual Content Importance

The algorithms will help one identify how the user is acting on the web. The web crawlers will help in searching and indexing but the brand signal that you need to create has to be for the users. Obviously, a visual treat will always be more appealing.

Conclusion: If you need to adapt to the brand signal way of content marketing then the use of good visual content is a must.